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Merry Fisher 38F

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Merry Fisher 605

Do you dream of heading out along the coast, whether for family cruising or for a fun fishing outing? The new Merry Fisher 605 is the ideal boat for discovering the joys of coastal cruising.

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Merry Fisher 695 S2

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Merry Fisher 795

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Merry Fisher 895

Designed for cruising, the new Merry Fisher 895 is a true weekender.  She offers an incomparably bright interior, with wide windows in the helm station and even more comfort for those special shared moments on board.

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Merry Fisher 1095

The new Exciting Merry Fisher 1095 with three cabin layout with sliding doors and recessed deck, orders being taken now, cotact a member of our sales team today. The Merry Fisher 1095 takes full advantage of the new world of outboard engines.  Previously, cruising with outboard engines on boats of over 10 metres (34 ft.) seemed impossible, until now.  This new combination favours ease of use while guaranteeing exceptional performance for a very promising future.  The Merry Fisher 1095 will be the flagship of the line, with a hull specifically designed for this type of propulsion.

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