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RYA Certified Training

Building Confidence on the Water

RYA Training at Burton Waters Marina Lincoln

Courses offered from our training centre include the Helms certificate which is excellent for both Inland and Coastal Waters and when it comes to close quarters boat handling in marinas, Powerboat levels 1 & 2; we also run the CEVNI test. Online is accessed through the RYA Interactive learning site. Please contact us for shorebased/e-learning courses.

Training can be carried out on your own boat, which we recommend or on a centre boat. From Burton Waters Marina we can access the Fossdyke, Witham and Trent navigations. The Wash can be navigated to via the River Witham; the North Sea via the tidal Trent and Humber as well as the River Ouse to Goole and York. 

Training is carried out in the prestigious Burton Waters Marina where there is extensive facility to teach and learn skills. The Fossdyke navigation and Brayford Pool are used for continuing training – we continue through the Stamp End lock for this important part. For boats who can not passage through the famous Glory Hole, Torksey Lock is used.

Contact us for information regarding ICC.


Beginner to Intermediate Courses - Personal & Commercial

This course focuses on handling of a cruiser, narrowboat or barge vessel providing people who are either new to boating or are experienced with skills necessary to successfully skipper your very own vassal. The skills of slow marina handling and mooring on your berth is a necessity and an area where we focus on building your confidence. Out on the water skills training, rope work, lock operation and theory elements all provide confident students who enjoy getting out onto the navigation. Please se the full course syllabus on your right for all information the boat instructors will be going over. 

This Course deals with Inland waterways and handling skills, covering Europe’s extensive network of lakes, rivers and canals. No prior knowledge is required for the course and so this is ideal for the first timers. It is a hands-on course with minimal theory and is not only an opportunity to learn plenty of tricks of the trade and tips on making boating safer but also build confidence with those new skills and provide maximum enjoyment on the water.

The course covers personal safety; helmsmanship; collision avoidance; what to do in an emergency and a nice and steady introduction to engine maintenance, rope work, rules of the road and marina handling.

Maximum 3 people. Minimum age 12. Certificates for children aged between 12 and 16 will be endorsed to show that they must use boats only under the supervision of a responsible adult. Own Boat recommended. 

The course covers personal safety; helmsmanship; collision avoidance; what to do in an emergency and a nice and steady introduction to engine maintenance, rope work, rules of the road and marina handling.

Maximum 3 people Minimum age 12. Certificate for children aged between 12 and 16 will be endorsed


Code Européen des Voies de la Navigation Intérieure

Signs, rules and procedures for navigating the European inland waterways are all included within the CEVNI code and in the same way as pleasure craft on coastal waters are expected to abide by the COLREGS, pleasure craft on the inland waterways of Europe, which in places are heavily utilised by commercial traffic are expected to know and follow the CEVNI code.

Knowing and abiding by the regulations is the best way to protect yourself and your boat.

If you require an ICC valid for use on inland waters, you must learn the CEVNI code and sit the CEVNI test . The “RYA European waterways regulations (the CEVNI rules explained)” publication G17 provides the information you need to learn the code in a clear and concise way and the handy guide.

This course is online only.

If you require an ICC valid for use on inland waters, you must learn the CEVNI code and sit the CEVNI test. The RYA waterways regulations provide information on the code clearly and in a concise way.

This course is online only.

Powerboat Course 1 & 2

Beginner to Intermediate Courses – Personal & Commercial

RYA Powerboat Level 1 and Level 2

The aims of the of the one day Level 1 or two day Level 2 course is to provide a practical introduction to boat handling and associated knowledge. The course is conducted with a maximum 3:1 student to instructor ratio using a variety of craft and is suitable for those with little or no previous experience. A one day assessment for a Level 2 certificate is available for those with previous knowledge and experience.

These courses are suited for people who wish to drive mainly small, open sports type boats whether for their own pleasure or in connection with another activity such as sailing, sub-aqua diving, canoeing or water skiing. The youngest age to take a powerboat course is 8 years old but the RYA would not recommend under 16s being left in charge of a powerboat without supervision.


Level 1 provides a practical introduction to boat handling skills including, preparation, launching & recovery, safety equipment, pre-start checks and personal buoyancy.

Level 2 provides the skills and background knowledge needed to be a competent powerboat driver and is the basis of the International Certificate of Competence. Practical side of the course covers boat handling techniques and high and low speed manoeuvring, securing to a buoy, anchoring, leaving and coming alongside and man overboard. The theory side covers type of craft and engines, maintenance, weather forecast, GPS and International Rules for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea.

Please note the level 2 certificate now covers both inland and coastal endorsements.

Shore-based & E-Learning Courses

Courses available again soon

Essential Navigation & Seamanship Course

This course includes instruction in the use of charts and tide tables. Duration – typically two days, but can be taken at your own pace online.

The online Essential Navigation and Seamanship is an inspiring new course for anyone interested in sailing, motor boating, sea angling or diving – or pretty much anything else on the water!

This course will give you the essential knowledge needed when you’re afloat: navigation, safety, seamanship and passage planning.

Click on the button below to see what this course is all about.

RYA Day Skipper

Instruction in the use of charts, tide tables and almanacs. Also covers safety and seamanship aspects. A 42-hour course held over the winter months, with two formal exams.

RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance

To provide a working knowledge including practical maintenance of diesel engines. Duration – one day.

RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate Course (including DSC)

A one-day course for anyone who uses a fixed or hand-held marine VHF radio and provides the knowledge required to obtain the VHF SRC operator’s license. You will be provided with the RYA Handbook and a requirement to complete some 3 hours pre-course study. Following your days tuition you will be able to take the exam which has both practical and written content. Duration – one day.

This course may also be taken on the RYA Interactive site. Those completing the online course will also need to take a separate exam.

This RYA Interactive Site also enables you to prepare yourself for the Short Range Radio Course Exam.

RYA First Aid

To provide the knowledge and practical skills required to treat First Aid problems on a small boat. Duration – one day.

Safe and Fun

The latest course is Safe and Fun, a mandatory course for new Dinghy and Windsurfing instructors.