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Special Brokerage Offers – Sell Your Boat With Burton Waters

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27 Mar, 2024
News & Advice
By Freddie Freddie

Sail Away Stress-Free: Unlocking Special Brokerage Deals with Burton Waters Boat Sales


Brokerage Deal Features

Are you ready to embark on a seamless journey to sell your boat hassle-free? Look no further than Burton Waters. We're excited to introduce our exclusive brokerage deals tailored to make your selling experience as smooth as sailing on calm waters. With our strategic approach and dedication to client satisfaction, we offer unparalleled benefits, including free storage, deferred transport costs, special low-rate fees, captivating drone footage and walkthrough videos, along with extensive social media coverage.  

Why Sell With Us?

At Burton Waters, we understand the importance of visibility in today's competitive market. That's why our team is committed to leveraging the power online presence. By optimising keywords relevant to your boat's specifications and features, we enhance its online presence, making it more discoverable to potential buyers actively searching for vessels like yours. With our expertise and experience in the trade for over 30 years, rest assured that your boat will stand out among the sea of listings, attracting genuine interest from qualified buyers.  

Why Will My Boat Sell Fast With Burton Waters?

In addition to our digital marketing efforts, we prioritise social media coverage to amplify the reach of your listing. Through strategic posting on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube we engage with a vast audience of boating enthusiasts, sparking interest and generating leads for your boat. Our social media campaigns are designed to create buzz around your listing, encouraging shares and interactions that drive traffic and ultimately lead to successful sales. With Burton Waters by your side, selling your boat has never been easier or more rewarding.  

Superior Online Presence

One of the standout features of our brokerage offers is the inclusion of drone footage and walkthrough videos. Utilising these additional elements, we capture stunning aerial views and comprehensive interior tours of your boat, giving potential buyers an immersive experience from the comfort of their screens across the globe. These captivating visuals not only showcase the beauty and features of your boat but also instil confidence in prospective buyers, leading to faster and more lucrative sales.  

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