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Keeping Up With the Jeanneau’s

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31 Mar, 2021
By Adam Cox

New Jeanneau Boats from the view point of an Authorised UK Dealership

In today’s blog we provide an update and brief look at the new 2021 range of boats that Jeanneau have launched. There are four new boats in their range of products offering new hull designs as well as interior and exterior innovation and comfort.

The title of this blog leans somewhat flippantly towards the saying, “Keeping up with the Joneses,” although as you will read below, the true meaning of this saying does not apply. In providing the information shown below we are assisting you, the boat owner, in keeping up to date with the latest products from industry leader, Jeanneau, and not with whatever boat your neighbour might own.

The phrase originates with the comic strip Keeping Up with the Joneses, created by Arthur R. "Pop" Momand in 1913. The strip ran until 1940 in The New York World and various other newspapers. The strip depicts the social climbing McGinis family, who struggle to "keep up" with their neighbours, the Joneses of the title. The Joneses were unseen characters throughout the strip's run, often spoken of but never shown.

Use of the name Jones for neighbours involved in social comparison predates Momand's comic strip. In 1879, English writer E. J. Simmons wrote in Memoirs of a Station Master (or Ernest Struggles) of the railroad station as a place for social exchange: “There is a considerable amount of importance attached to this public place of meeting—the railway station. The Jones’s [sic] who don’t associate with the Robinsons, meet there. Mr Jones would not like the station master to touch his cap to the Robinsons, and pass him without notice.”

What may not be quite as well known as the accepted meaning of this idiom is that there is now something called “The Jones Effect.” This means that people want to follow what is popular or trending today – or to have what other people have. It is a method to make people feel that they could be left behind or out of touch with what is trending, and so motivate them to make a purchase to keep up with everyone else.

A last interesting piece: Simmons’s qualifications for his first railway job included the ability to translate 50 lines of Ovid, speak French, carry a sack of beans, break a horse, and write a tolerable hand. A little different I suspect to today’s job specification for Station Master.

The 2021 Jeanneau Products

Cap Camarat 10.5 WA série 2

Keeping Up With the Jeanneau's.
With a sporty design and a new hull designed by Michael Peters, the new Cap Camarat 10.5 WA Series 2 offers high performance and exemplary handling. This day boat is the ideal model for your excursions with friends and family cruises, with two distinct exterior living areas!

The vast forward cockpit, secure whether under way or at anchor, offers integrated lounge chairs and very comfortable bench seating for moments of relaxation. To the aft, a true cockpit saloon, featuring a large table with generous, wraparound bench seating, faces a beautiful, fully equipped exterior galley! The new side terrace with swim ladder further opens the cockpit to the sea and extends the space for swimming:  a new space in addition to the aft swim platforms. The interior, bathed in light due to large windows in the hull, offers two sleeping areas to accommodate four people, each in perfect privacy. There is also a comfortable and fully equipped galley, as well as the head compartment with separate shower.
Length overall 9.95 m / 32'8"
Hull length 9.32 m / 30'7"
Standard draft 0.73 m / 2'5"
Weight 4280 kg / 9436 Lbs
Fuel capacity 2 x 400 l / 2 x 106 US gal
Water capacity 160 l / 42 US gal
Available engines 2x313 Kw - in progress


Cap Camarat 12.5 WA

Keeping Up With the Jeanneau's.
The Cap Camarat 12.5 WA is entering the world of extremely luxurious, large outboard day cruisers. It reflects the Cap Camarat spirit,  yet remains based upon performance at sea, comfort of life on board and innovative layouts. It features the prestigious designers and combined talents of Michael Peters, who designed the magnificent V-shaped hull, and the Sarrazin design office, who imagined a pure design to reinterpret the Cap Camarat signature design, enabling this new Cap Camarat 12.5 WA to enter the world of luxury.

With a maximum power of 900 HP, (2 x 450 HP or 3 x 300 HP), and a V-shaped, unstepped hull designed by Michael Peters, one of the world’s top specialists, her high performance meets every expectation. The length of 11m90 and a width of 3m58 allow for well-defined living spaces and perfect ergonomics in a new approach to the outboard powerboat.

The forward saloon with facing seating offers exceptional additional living space, the cockpit terrace adding to this even further at anchor, with the exterior multi-configuration galley a central point on board. There is a full-beam aft cabin, with a king-size berth and a separate shower compartment. Lastly, large windows on the sea open the interior living space to the exterior.
Length overall 11.9 m / 39'1"
Hul beam 3.58 m / 11'9"
Displacement 7123 kg / 15704 Lbs
Fuel capacity 1150 l / 304 US gal
Water capacity 200 l / 53 US gal
Availables engines 2 x 450 HP or 3 x 300 HP


Merry Fisher 605 série 2

Keeping Up With the Jeanneau's.
The Merry Fisher 605 Série2 features all the qualities of a large Jeanneau with its elegant design and clever interior layout. She has a spacious and inviting U-shaped cockpit saloon, which transforms into a sundeck. The sliding bench seating optimises space on board for maximum comfort. The generously sized flush aft platform affords easy access to the sea.

On the interior, a bright, peaceful retreat affords an uninterrupted view of the horizon. With plenty of equipment and sleeping capacity for up to four people on board she will meet all your expectations.
Length overall 5.66 m / 18'6"
Hull beam 2.44 m / 8'
Displacement 1200 kg / 2646 Lbs
Fuel capacity 100 l / 26 US gal
Water capacity 50 l / 13 US gal


Merry Fisher 795 série 2

Keeping Up With the Jeanneau's.
The Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 is the ideal weekender with an outboard engine and featuring a dynamic design and a new hull with a versatile, traditional V shape. She delivers more power and higher performance at sea, as well as stability and undeniable comfort while under way.

Perfectly adapted for family coastal cruising, the U-shaped cockpit saloon is inviting, spacious, and transforms into a sundeck for moments of relaxation.  This vast cockpit open to the sea is a real invitation to swim, with its generous aft swim platform. And she has a coupé door to facilitate access on board, copious storage space, a fully equipped galley, a bright and comfortable interior, and an enclosed head compartment with hot-water shower.
Length overall 7.19 m / 23'7"
Hull beam 2.82 m / 9' 3”
Displacement 2153 kg / 4747 Lbs
Fuel capacity 280 l / 74 US gal
Water capacity 100 l / 26 US gal


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