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Owning a Jet Ski – The pros

2 minutes read
02 Aug, 2023
News & Advice
By Bryony Edwards

Owning a Jet Ski - The Pros

Buying a jet ski is a big step. Whether you are totally green on the water, an experienced boater or a jet ski guru, you'll love our run down of the BEST things about owning a jet ski!
  1. Unparalleled Thrill -

    Unlike driving at 35mph in a car, riding a jet ski feels like soaring through the water, giving you a unique and exhilarating experience. Without the confinement of a car cabin, the sensation of freedom on the water is unmatched.
  2. Simplicity and Maneuverability -

    Compared to boats, jet skis are smaller and easier to handle, making navigation a breeze on the water.
  3. Enhanced Control and Safety -

    Modern watercraft come with features like brakes and learning modes, providing better control and safety measures than traditional boats.
  4. The Motorcycle of the Water -

    Akin to having a floating motorcycle, jet skis eliminate worries like slipping on sand and balancing issues. Take a look at our range of supercharged Yamaha Waverunners to see the beauty of this power and speed!
  5. Impressive Fuel Economy -

    Jet skis tend to offer excellent gas mileage, making them more economical than certain boats.
  6. Thrilling Tricks and Stunts -

    Jet skis enable riders to perform flips, spins, and various tricks that would be impossible with a regular boat. Though we advise newbie riders to take it easy and have a look at our Jet Ski Safety Tips! 
  7. Winter Deals and Savings -

    Prices for used jet skis drop during winter, and great deals are available on prior year models when new ones are released.
  8. Surprising Stability -

    Some jet skis are remarkably stable, even allowing riders to stand on the side of the watercraft.
  9. Manageable Servicing -

    While it requires the right tools and knowledge, servicing jet skis is not as challenging as it may seem.
  10. Pleasant Dealership Experience -

    Dealing with jet ski dealerships is generally more enjoyable and less stressful compared to buying a car.
  11. Riding Clubs and Adventures -

    Engage in jet ski riding clubs and join exciting trips to keep the experience fresh and exciting.
  12. Water-Exclusive Attractions -

    Discover new restaurants and attractions accessible only by water, perfect for unique outings like beach picnics.
  13. Double the Fun -

    Owning two jet skis allows for thrilling rides with a companion, and a 3-seater model accommodates two riders comfortably.
  14. Effortless Maintenance -

    The size and manoeuvrability of jet skis, means cleaning them is far easier and more convenient than cleaning a boat.
  15. Endless Smiles -

    Riding a jet ski guarantees smiles and joy, making it difficult to have a frown while on the water.
  16. Easy Storage -

    Jet skis can be stored more conveniently and economically, fitting into garages or existing sheds.
  17. Ideal for Couples -

    Jet skis provide a more intimate experience, allowing couples to ride together and enjoy the adventure as a team.
  18. Everyday Enjoyment -

    Unlike boats that may be used mainly on weekends, jet skis offer the pleasure of daily riding.
  19. Invigorating Experience -

    Riding a jet ski gets your adrenaline pumping, making you feel alive regardless of the speed.
  20. Stress Relief -

    The tranquility of being on the water with just the rush of waves helps melt away life's worries.
Have we missed any off? Let us know in the comments below if you can think of anything else!

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