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Interior Design Trends for Yachts & Boats

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02 Jun, 2023
News & Advice
By Bryony Edwards

Interior Design Trends for Yachts & Boats

When it comes to yacht interior design trends, the industry is constantly evolving to provide luxurious and comfortable spaces for boat enthusiasts. Just like residences and hotel interiors, yacht interiors are embracing innovative concepts to offer a unique and exciting experience.

Bigger Builds for Enhanced Comfort

We are seeing a leaning towards bigger internal builds for boat shapes, with the focus being less on the external appearance of new boats coming through, and moreso on the useability of the internal spaces. With many “weekender” boats having exceptional internal space like this Delphia 11 which is a superb river boat and is deceptively large in the interior.

Delphia 10 internal photo

Monochrome Finishes

In line with the modern era of technology, Monochrome finishes are becoming a prominent trend in yacht interiors. This includes both exteriors and interiors, where black& white walls and furniture create a sense of sophistication and modernity. This is a versatile colour option that exudes elegance and luxury, elevating the overall interior and exterior design of your yacht, and also allows you to add your own personality with furnishings.

Sustainable Yacht Design

The growing concern for sustainability extends to the yacht industry as well. Yacht builders are actively searching for new materials to construct environmentally friendly interiors and exteriors. With a focus on marine health and ocean conservation, engineers and designers are developing plastic-free charters and implementing better technologies to minimize the environmental impact of luxury boat production. This sustainable approach ensures a more responsible and eco-conscious yachting experience.

The Rise of the "Millennial Super Yacht"

As the mindset of yacht consumers, particularly millennials, shifts towards seeking experiences rather than mere products, the industry is responding by incorporating the latest technological features. Yachts now offer Bluetooth localization, integrated 4K laser projectors, and cutting-edge software to enhance the onboard experience. This trend caters to those who crave the best and newest technologies, providing a seamless integration of innovation and luxury in the world of yachting.

Curved Shapes for a Playful Touch

Inspired by the '60s, curved shapes are making a comeback in yacht interiors. Soft furnishings, tabletops, and even suspension lamps now feature organic, rounded edges, adding a touch of playfulness and relaxation to the overall design. By incorporating a few rounded shapes amidst the straight lines and square corners typical of yachts, this trend creates a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.

Delphia 10 internal photo

Embracing Transparency with Glass

An emerging design trend in yacht architecture is the use of glass to create a sense of spaciousness and connection between the interior and exterior. Yachts now feature daring glass superstructures that offer breathtaking views and a renewed perspective on yachting. This trend emphasizes the beauty of transparency and openness, providing a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Wellness Features for Ultimate Relaxation

Yacht owners and buyers are increasingly seeking onboard experiences that rival luxury resorts. This has led to the inclusion of spa facilities, gyms, and entertainment areas on yachts. The goal is to create a floating oasis that offers a laid-back and relaxing retreat, akin to a seven-star resort. These wellness features contribute to an elevated yachting experience, ensuring maximum comfort and tranquility for travelers.

Modern Lighting Solutions

The pursuit of unique spaces has prompted the rise of modern light design trends in yacht interiors. By carefully selecting lighting fixtures, yacht owners can create intimate and personalized atmospheres that suit their desired ambiance. Whether aiming for a contemporary or luxurious aesthetic, sophisticated lighting solutions enhance the overall design and ensure a memorable experience on board.

The Timeless Appeal of Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-century modern style continues to be a prominent trend in both land-based and yacht interiors. With its use of materials like wood, brass, leather, and velvet, this style adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance to yacht interiors. The curvaceous forms and gentle ambiance created by mid-century design make it an enduring choice that effortlessly complements other design elements.

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