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James Bright, Yacht Broker : A Lifetime of Sailing Adventures

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09 Oct, 2023
News & Advice
By Bryony Edwards

James Bright, Yacht Broker : A Lifetime of Sailing Adventures

James Bright, an esteemed and experienced yacht broker at Burton Waters, has a sailing journey that traces back to his infancy. Born into a family deeply immersed in the world of sailing, his nautical odyssey began at the tender age of six months when his parents acquired a Dufore 26ft sailing yacht. This vessel was the starting point for many memorable voyages across the English Channel, with Fecamp being a favoured destination. The Bright family's sailboat ventures progressed as they transitioned to Moody Sailing yachts, ranging from a Moody 29 to a grand Moody 38cc. Countless trips to France etched indelible memories in James's heart.

Childhood Sailing Memories

As he reminisces about his upbringing, there's a humorous recollection of his younger self being towed in a dinghy on one of those French trips, blissfully ignorant of the nuisance he might have caused his parents that day. These early encounters with the sea sowed the seeds of his enduring love for sailing. One memorable incident etched in his memory is a stormy return from France, navigating through turbulent weather and trying to wait for a gap in the storms. Sailing back to England in the late evening and witnessing another sailing boat being towed on which the keel had broken off.  Devoid of modern aids like AIS or radar, James recounts the experience of crossing shipping lanes at night feeling particularly treacherous, imparting a valuable lesson in resilience and caution, instilling a keen awareness of the sea's potential dangers.

A Growing Passion for Sailing

The acquisition of an Elan Impression 434 marked a turning point, James was now at the stage of sailing independently. His sailing prowess was further honed when he obtained his skipper qualification in the Canary Islands, sailing a Jeanneau 43DS. A defining moment during his training was encountering a force 8 gusting 9, an exhilarating experience that stoked his passion for the sea. That evening, awake late because of the excitement from the day, James looked out across the sea and spotted not one, but two vessels dragging anchor. James was sure this was the case, even though it was so unlikely for there to be two vessels incorrectly anchored. He trusted his instincts and launched the tender, managing to get to the other vessels, awaking them and helping them to correct their anchors. Had he not taken this initiative those other vessels could have ended up colliding with the breakwater and potentially doing their vessels and themselves great harm. AI depiction of a cherished sailing memory Amidst the trials and triumphs of sailing, James shares a light-hearted tale of sailing with a friend and getting caught out in low visibility sea fog. Attempting to follow the coast area between Shoreham and Brighton whilst heavily focusing on spotting any other vessels coming out of the fog, James and his friend were unaware of how far towards the coast they had drifted until the delicious smell of Hot Dogs wafted towards them from the suddenly looming Brighton Pier. They managed to avoid a collision but didn’t manage to stop for a hotdog. Venturing beyond the open sea, James explored the tranquil beauty of inland waterways, an endeavour he pursued both with a companion and solo. His inland water adventures across the UK have left an indelible mark, providing a broader perspective on the diverse facets of sailing.

The Culmination of a Career in Sailing

Now based in the Ipswich branch of Burton Waters, James Bright eagerly anticipates rekindling his love for sailing, harking back to a lifetime steeped in maritime memories and enriched by a thriving career as a dedicated yacht broker. His journey embodies a love for the sea that remains steadfast, fuelling his passion for sailboats and yachts, and inspiring others to embark on their own maritime odyssey. Thinking of buying? Why not take a look at our incredible used sailboats for sale with Burton Waters Ipswich! For expert advice about buying or selling sailing boats and yachts, directly from our Yacht Broker, James, call our Burton Waters Ipswich branch on 01473 225710 or get in touch using our Contact Form on our Contact Us page.  

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