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Top Luxury Yacht Brands – The best in luxe motor yachting

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02 Aug, 2023
News & Advice
By Bryony Edwards

Top Luxury Yacht Brands -

The best in luxe motor yachting

The terms "best" and "luxury" are subjective and open to interpretation. The concept of what is considered the "best" varies depending on the individual's specific needs, and "luxury" is often, perhaps incorrectly, associated with larger yachts, although boats under 60 feet can also offer luxurious features. In this article, we will focus on premium brands, with history and reputation in the luxury yacht industry.

Below, we have compiled a list of 12 top luxury boat brands for your consideration when planning to buy a luxury yacht:

1. Wally

Wally boats are unquestionably avant-garde, boasting head-turning styling and groundbreaking functionality in both sail and motor yachts. Their plumb bows and sleek profiles make them stand out in ports worldwide. Notably, they recently launched the Wally Wind 110, a carbon fiber speedster.

2. Prestige

A breakaway of the Beneteau group, Prestige Yachts are synonymous with understated elegance. With a quiet confidence backed by Beneteau’s 100+ years in boat manufacturing.

With models ranging from 40-80ft, Prestige are known for their smooth lines, manoeuvrability and exceptional craftsmanship. Their M8 multihull offering pioneering their steps into a new era of luxury yachts.

3. Zeelander

Zeelander, hailing from the Netherlands, combines retro aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Within just 15 years of existence, they have garnered immense popularity for their bold designs, with each boat requiring around 20,000 man-hours of craftsmanship.

4. Sanlorenzo Yachts

Sanlorenzo, an esteemed Italian yacht builder, offers motor yachts ranging from 70 to 110 feet and superyachts exceeding 120 feet. Renowned for their excellent craftsmanship, spacious proportions, beautiful interiors, and superior quality, Sanlorenzo has been helping boaters create their own yachts since 1958.

5. Ferretti

For over half a century, Ferretti Yachts has been crafting premier models in Italy. Their flybridge designs, spanning 50 to 100 feet, are exquisite in detail and finish, reflecting a legacy of timeless elegance.

6. Riva

Their models, ranging from 27 to 115 feet, are known for comfort, elegance, unquestionable reliability, and elite Italian styling.

7. Sunseeker

A distinguished motor yacht builder, Sunseeker offers a diverse range of yachts, from large cruisers to sporty models such as the Predator 80, Manhattan 52, and Sunseeker 155. Renowned for performance and ostentatious luxury accommodations, Sunseeker ensures owners travel in style and arrive with distinction.

8. Benetti

With a rich history spanning 150 years, Benetti has earned a reputation for crafting sought-after yachts, including their highly regarded model, the Delfino 93. Attention to detail and advanced technology are hallmarks of Benetti yachts, and they have the capacity to build 100 superyachts annually.

9. Jeanneau

A mid-range luxury motoryacht  with price points ranging from 250k-500k, perfect for those taking their first steps into yachting, or looking to downsize to something more manageable. Jeanneau power boat ranges include sporty cruisers, to family friendly Merry Fishers.

10. Nordhavn

On the rugged side of yachting, Nordhavn offers shippy-looking trawlers designed to go the distance. Their ocean-going vessels have reached up to 120 feet in length, appealing to those seeking adventurous expeditions.

11. Oceanco

Operating for three decades, Oceanco Yachts is a fully custom builder based in the Netherlands. They specialize in crafting one-of-a-kind displacement sail and motor vessels, some reaching up to nearly 500 feet in length.

12. Lurssen

When the affluent seek unique yachts, many turn to Lurssen, a German manufacturer with a family legacy dating back to the 1800s when they started building racing row boats. Today, Lurssen is known for constructing yachts featuring multiple swimming pools and two helipads.

Luxury isn’t just about having the biggest swankiest boat in the marina. Luxury is about ensuring all your needs are met and exceeded on board. Whether that is a cozy interior for romantic evenings, hydraulic bathing platforms for comfort and convenience, or upgraded navigation systems for long boating trips.

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