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What’s new with Yamaha Waverunner skis – 2023

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09 Aug, 2023
News & Advice
By Bryony Edwards

2023 Yamaha Waverunner Ski Overview

With the impending release of the next batch of Yamaha Waverunner ranges, we recap what upgrades we already had in 2023 and discuss the launch date for the 2024 Wave runners!


Introducing the FX Range Within our Cruising segment lies the remarkable FX range, where elegance merges with innovation to create an opulent and exhilarating blend. These WaveRunners are equally at home during leisurely explorations along distant shores as they are during thrilling surges of speed, with the spray caressing your skin and the wind tousling your hair. Fresh Additions for 2023 In the realm of innovation, the all-new FX Cruiser SVHO takes center stage. Adorned in standard Torch Red with sleek black accents, it also emerges in Limited Edition shades, designed to make a bold style statement on the water. Featuring trendy carbon and mint hues along with dynamic graphics, the premium paint finish bestows an unmistakable allure upon this exclusive iteration. Noteworthy additions include conveniently integrated, pop-up cleats, making docking to a pontoon or mooring a swift and hassle-free endeavor. Wavrunner FX HO on the water


Elevating its capabilities, the FX SVHO now boasts an integrated audio system, seamlessly nestled within the footwell. Boasting waterproof and shock-resistant attributes, along with Bluetooth connectivity, this system is linked to the 7-inch color touch screen Connext® display. This integration ensures an effortless experience when cruising to your preferred melodies or even making a swift call to the waterside restaurant you've been yearning to sample.


Lastly, the FX Cruiser HO and Waverunner FX HO have undergone enhancements with the incorporation of a NanoXcel2® deck. This cutting-edge construction material results in a remarkably lightweight yet exceptionally robust structure, enhancing the power-to-weight ratio and overall handling dynamics.

VX Series:

Within the VX series lies a collection of multi-dimensional Wave Runners, showcasing award-winning engineering and intuitive RiDE systems that revolutionize the riding encounter by introducing instinctive control, electronic reverse, and traction management. The cutting-edge Connext multi-function helm system, accompanied by its sleek 4.3" color display screen, ushers in a new era of technological advancement. Paired seamlessly with twin multi-mount connection points, strategically positioned for devices like navigational equipment or cameras, you're equipped with all the technology required for an extraordinary adventure.


The Waverunner VX HO Model Propelled by our groundbreaking 3-cylinder engine, the 1049cc TR-1 HO, the VX model embodies a harmonious fusion of efficiency and nimble manoeuvring. The compact and lightweight design of the engine ensures an optimal ride. The VX offers a complete package to commence your escapades: seating for three, generous storage, and the user-friendly RiDE control system. Yamaha Waverunner VX CRUISER HO cutting through the water


The VX Cruiser HO, already the pinnacle of the VX range due to its potent engine, has now reached greater heights in the new year. This version has been enhanced by the inclusion of a NanoXcel2® deck, a feature previously reserved for top-tier cruising and performance models. The novel deck strikes a remarkable balance between strength and weight, contributing to agile handling and thrilling waterborne speeds. The 1812cc High Output, 4-cylinder engine delivers a seamless blend of smooth, robust, and efficient performance, maintaining the VX series' hallmark versatility and ease of handling. Notably, the 2023 Yamaha Waverunner VX Cruiser HO comes standard with an integrated Bluetooth sound system, seamlessly incorporated and factory-installed. Strategically positioned speakers within the footwells, controlled through an easily accessible panel on the dashboard, elevate your on-water audio experience.


The debut of the Waverunner JetBlaster® marked a profound reimagining of the recreational sector. Crafted with unparalleled precision, this watercraft guarantees an experience that embodies Yamaha's unwavering reliability and excellence. The NanoXcel2® hull architecture establishes an impressive power-to-weight ratio, translating into intense thrills and exhilarating performance across various water terrains. The integration of an electronic trim system facilitates effortless bow height adjustment, reducing spray and drag when elevated, while enhancing cornering grip when lowered. With the RiDE® control system featuring electronic reverse, maneuvering becomes effortless, and the inclusion of foot chocks ensures that even novice riders can readily adapt their stance, becoming part of the excitement. This model sets the standard with its built-in storage convenience and a generously sized fuel tank, extending the possibility for longer voyages. Its allure has captivated both new patrons and enthusiasts of the original WaveBlaster, capturing hearts in equal measure. While the initial JetBlaster® design paid homage to the iconic WaveBlaster with its retro-inspired aesthetics, this year's iteration takes a more understated approach. The 2023 model embraces a subtle yet captivating style, preserving the spirited essence while appealing to a broader spectrum of enthusiasts who gravitate toward a modern, refined appearance for their Waverunner experience. Yamaha Waverunner GP1800R SVHO with female rider


When you're operating at the peak of your abilities, your equipment must match that level of excellence. The supercharged Yam GP1800R SVHO and the naturally-aspirated GP1800R HO shine amidst the crowd, boasting an industry-first automatic trim system that includes Cornering Control and Launch Control. Cornering Control seamlessly adjusts the trim during deceleration, enhancing grip for tighter cornering, and then instinctively selects the optimal trim setting to maintain the watercraft's stability. Launch Control dynamically adjusts the trim downward to prevent bow rise during rapid acceleration. This remarkable technology offers unparalleled levels of handling and performance for both competitive racers and leisure riders alike. The 2023 Yamaha Waverunner GP1800R also incorporates a purpose-built intake grate and jet pump, meticulously designed to improve traction and accelerate more swiftly. Weight distribution has been fine-tuned to amplify the GP models' nimble maneuvering, consistently delivering peak performance.


The SuperJet® represents a paradigm shift, interweaving Yamaha's racing legacy from inception. This sleek and lightweight marvel unleashes an adrenaline-fueled fusion of astonishing speed and acceleration, facilitated by its incredibly light composition. The SuperJet® doesn't merely excel in straight-line velocity; its peerless maneuverability complements the thrill. Catering to a broader range of riders, its award-winning three-cylinder, four-stroke TR-1 marine engine and agile, lightweight hull guarantee you'll conquer the waves. It excels in high-speed straights with unmatched performance and offers exceptional agility and control for tackling aggressive corners. For riders seeking a measured approach, L-MODE® curtails engine performance to approximately 35 knots, fostering confidence in novice riders. A broader and more stable hull configuration makes it ideal for leisure pursuits. The spring-assisted steering pole and handlebar encourage riders into a comfortable, lean-forward stance, primed for high-speed manoeuvres when the time comes. Measuring just 2.5 meters in length, it effortlessly fits into the confines of a light van or sizable SUV. Weighing in at 170kg, its lightweight nature simplifies launching and recovery, also rendering it suitable for deck storage on larger yachts.


Embracing its third year, Yamaha Motor's inspiring Clean the Sea initiatives persist in bringing nature enthusiasts closer together, focusing on diverse marine ecosystems that kindle a unique reverence for the vast azure expanse. Our Clean the Sea endeavors are far-reaching and diverse, ranging from championing record-setting expeditions to collect marine litter, to localized endeavors aimed at heightening awareness and championing recycling. Inner-city waterways often bear the brunt of water pollution's adverse effects. Since 2017, Yamaha Motor Portugal has spearheaded campaigns to cleanse the Tagus River in central Lisbon, concurrently educating underprivileged youth in the region about the virtues of recycling and safeguarding marine life. In 2021, Simone Zignoli underscored the imperative of minimal environmental impact during his Italian escapade, piloting his FX WaveRunner. Zignoli immersed himself wholly in Sardinia's natural splendor, ensuring his presence left no detrimental trace by subsisting solely on locally sourced resources. In Scandinavia, since 2021, Ocean Crusaders have received Yamaha Outboard power support, aiding in cleanup operations and plastic removal from the waters encircling Sweden. Blue4Green, a Spanish-launched initiative, embarks on litter-picking missions within coves, secluded bays, and otherwise inaccessible areas via larger marine vessels. YamahaMotor joined forces with Lucas del Paso in 2022, as he and his team launched Blue4Green subsequent to a world-record-breaking Personal Watercraft odyssey that spanned over 3,500km in eight months, encompassing marine debris collection along the way. The Clean the Sea initiatives mirror our unwavering commitment to bolster a spectrum of endeavors across Europe, preserving the marine environment for future generations.

The Next Generation of Waverunners

In conclusion, the advancements made in the design of Waverunners for 2023 represent a synergy of innovation, performance, and environmental responsibility. These watercrafts redefine expectations, inviting riders to experience an elevated level of excitement and connection with the water, all while fostering a deep appreciation for the marine world we hold dear. We can't wait to see what the newest release of Yamaha Waverunner will hold, and eagerly await this release which will be happening on the 14th August @ 3pm. We will be updating on our blogs and emails when we know more, so stay connected with Burton Waters to be the first to know!      

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