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Introducing the New Prestige 420 Fly

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28 Sep, 2020
Boat Buying
By Adam Cox

Prestige 420 Fly Experience & Viewing at Our Marina

In September we held an exclusive event at our Burton Waters Marina providing the opportunity to discover and experience the new Prestige 420. In line with our desire to keep our extended boating family up to date with new product launches, and in case you missed the opportunity to attend, we are extending the invitation.

This is your opportunity to have a one-to-one personal viewing of the Prestige 420 and insight into the wider Prestige range, as well as the chance to try close-quarters manoeuvring, using the joystick control system on shaft drives with the variable bow thruster, with guidance from the Burton Waters team.

  Introducing the New Prestige 420 Fly  

Prestige 420 Fly: Specifications

Here are some of the specifications of the new Prestige 420. From Prestige it is expected that there will be spacious interiors, pleasing and functional design and an arresting starting price, and the 420 is no exception. This new Prestige 420 Fly has been revamped with new engines, an improved and unique interior layout, and the unexpected performance boost :

  • Engine: Shaft Drive with Joystick 2 x Cummins 6.7 - 380 CV or 2 x Cummins 6.7 - 425 CV
  • Cabin: 2 Large Double Cabins, both with windows and separate entrances
  • Full beam midship cabin (unique at 42’) central double berth & private bathroom
  • VIP guest cabin – never seen before on a 42’ boat
  • Berths: Max people 6
  • Length: 13.06m / 42’10”
  • Beam: 4.10m / 13’5”
  • Warranty: 3 years General warranty
  • 5 years Blister Warranty
  •  7 years Structural Warranty (all warranties are International – 60 countries)

High Performance

  Introducing the New Prestige 420 Fly  

What stands out though is the improved performance, so much so that Jack Haines included this in the heading of his review in the October issue of the Motor Boat & Yachting magazine. He went on to say,

“the performance upgrade may not knock your socks clean off but certainly gives them a good tug. It’s not outright speed we’re talking about here, that is in line with the rest of Prestige’s models, almost all of which top out at around 30 knots and cruise at 22. No, it’s the unexpected mid-range grunt that makes you sit up in the helm seat and take notice - the surge in performance from 18 knots into the mid-20s is rampant.”

Added to this is the torque which is important on a boat of this type. Rather than top speed, when the boat is sitting at its heaviest in the water fully laden with fuel, water, the six people it can sleep and all their kit, and especially in high seas, the ability to maintain momentum really matters. “In a rolling swell the engines’ ability to summon vast quantities of shove and heave the boat out of troughs is exactly the sort of performance that is needed,” which the new Prestige 420 delivers.

Haines describes his test drive: “From the flybridge helm, on a test boat with 80% of the 1,170-litre fuel tanks full, no water and light stores, the pickup into the mid-20s was eyebrow-raising and there is very little lag between burying the throttles and the boat responding.


View the Prestige 420 Fly


Added benefits to the new boat owner are that in moving to the new Cummins and shafts in a V-drive arrangement, the owner is relieved of the servicing and maintenance costs of the previous pod drives but has the same amount of space on the lower deck thanks to the aft positioning of the engines. The review states that these are a pair of some of the most reliable and gutsy motors on the market.

We Are Selling This Boat

Interested? Call us at our Marina in Lincoln on 01522 567404 and arrange a visit. Take one of the 2 new Prestige 420 that have been delivered out onto the water and enjoy the experience for yourself.

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