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How to Winterise a Jeanneau Power Boat

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19 Nov, 2021
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By James Bright

How to Winterise a Jeanneau Power Boat

After a full season of cruising aboard your Jeanneau powerboat, it is time to prepare it for winter storage, sheltered from the weather. Choose a dry dock or an in-water storage solution, at a shipyard or in your garage. It is important to be well prepared for the winter season and ensure the protection of your Jeanneau powerboat in order to maintain optimal condition.   For a thorough cleaning before dry storage, here is our advice:  


Exposing your powerboat to UV rays, salt, sea water, and diverse other exterior aggressions throughout the sunny months, your hull will need a thorough cleaning before winter.  To best protect your boat, we advise you to proceed with a full fresh-water rinse.  The deck, handrails, stemmed fitting, and bench seating must all be rinsed to remove impurities before storage. You may also choose to use specific cleaning products for the surfaces to be cleaned, available at your Jeanneau dealership.   For any cleaning project, do not forget to equip yourself with the appropriate protective clothing and gear.    


Remove all electronic appliances and equipment from your boat to protect them from the humidity and cold of winter. All fabric elements on board should be stored in a dry location to ensure their protection.    


To guarantee the smooth function of your engine in the water next season,  entrust your Jeanneau dealer with the task of winterising your engine.  It will  rinsing the engine, putting antifreeze in the cooling system, refilling the oil, as well as replacing the filters in the fuel system, and checking the water pump.  You will add an additive in the fuel tank to prevent any bacterial development in the fuel and will also need to fill the fuel tank to  avoid condensation. Beforehand, charge the engine batteries and disconnect them to maintain their performance.


We recommend that you rinse the grey water and holding tanks with fresh water and empty them.  For fresh water tanks, after emptying, add a percentage of non-toxic antifreeze to ¼th of the tank and run all the taps for several minutes to empty the tanks.  Finally, leave all the faucets on.        


To prevent humidity from damaging your cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, etc, clean them thoroughly and leave them open.  You can also install a dehumidifier and let air flow as much as possible to dry out the boat.    


It's recommend that you clean the plumbing for the head with a specialised product to avoid any unpleasant surprises next season.  Empty the holding tank,  and close the valves for winter.    


Take advantage of the off season to check your safety equipment:  check the expiration dates of your flares, your fire extinguishers, inflatable life jackets, etc.  This is the moment to prepare for sunny days ahead! To prepare for the care and storage of your boat with peace of mind, and to benefit from professional advice for the maintenance of your hull. Also accessories or batteries, cleaning your deck, or even the use of cleaning products.

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