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Online Boat Viewing & Buying

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20 Jan, 2021
Boat Buying , Boating
By Adam Cox

Online Boat Viewing & Buying

Read this blog and find tips for online boat viewing & buying during lockdown using the latest available technology. In this blog you will find out how we do it during these unprecedented and strange times. Due to the lockdowns being experienced throughout the world in an attempt to curb the second, and possibly even third waves of the Covid-19 virus, it is not possible for you to take a trip out to the marina of your choice to go and physically view boats. But there is another way that you can view your boat, and the best way that we can offer you tips on how to do this is to give you examples of how we make this possible for buyers, and what technology we have in place to assist you.

Online Boat Viewing & Buying: From Lockdown Restrictions to Freedom, on your Boat

  With the world in rather a state of turmoil at present, what with the UK and much of Europe in hard lockdown, the discovery that the Covid-19 virus has mutated into variants, jabs around the corner from the Pfizer, Moderna, or Oxford vaccines, nine other vaccines from India but only Covaxin having been approved thus far, five vaccine candidates being produced by China, one from Sinopharm having recently been approved, and lastly the Sputnik V, no it’s not a spaceship it’s a vaccine, from Russia. Not forgetting of course, the mayhem in America with Trump inciting insurrection in the USA leading to his second round of impeachment proceedings, it’s no real surprise that there are two thoughts at the forefront of your mind right now.

One being, I wonder what’s happening in the Southern Hemisphere – don’t go there, literally and figuratively. The second thought is quite likely to be that you’d like to emulate Columbus, hop on your boat and sail off over the horizon in search of new lands. It is with this latter thought in mind that we’ve made some changes here at Burton Waters and are ideally placed to help you.

  Online Boat Viewing & Buying During Lockdown.
Due to the lockdown we are all being forced to spend far more time indoors and thus also a far greater amount of time online. Knowing this and realising that our customers are unable to come and visit us and view our boats at the marina, we’re bringing the boats online for you to view.

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Online Boat Viewing & Buying During Lockdown: Communication

It’s a well known fact that communication is far more effective when you can see the person that you are talking to, and that as much as 60% of communication is non-verbal. Seeing the other person's facial expressions, for example, makes it easy to tell a serious request from an offhand remark or a joke. We know that it is not simply being able to speak to our staff and look them in the eye that is important to you, but also to be able to view and have a good look around the boats that you may be interested in.

There is some pretty useful technology available on the market to assist us, and you, with making this possible. From the familiar and popular WhatsApp video to a host of others such as: Zoom, BlueJeans Meetings, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, FaceTime, Zoho Meeting, Google Hangouts Meet, and Slack. Here at Burton Waters we are prepared to connect with you on a variety of these platforms.

To provide you with the most comprehensive and all round viewing experience of the boats that you are interested in we have combined a few options for your convenience:
  1. Browse our website, find the boat that you are interested in, and there you will find a collection of pictures of the boat.
  2. For each boat the option is provided for you to request that we provide you with a video of the boat’s main features both external and internal. Complete this option and we will record the video and send it to you.
  3. For some of these boats an interested customer has previously requested such a video which you will find amongst the array of already available pictures.
  4. You will find that an assortment of our flagship boats for sale will also have a 360 degree video available. These we have recorded using the high quality video recording equipment and Vidyard software tool that we have purchased for this purpose. You may also request a 360 degree video for greater and more extensive viewing options.
  Online Boat Viewing & Buying During Lockdown.  
To see an example of an array of pictures provided for one of our boats go here:
To see an example of a video recorded of one of our boats for a customer go here:
To see an example of a 360 degree video of one of our boats go here: Merry Fisher 795
Contact our Sales team from Lincoln or Ipswich who are working remotely as well as in our marinas busy preparing customers boats for the start of the season.

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