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Jeanneau Warranty and Maintenance

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18 Nov, 2020
By Adam Cox

Jeanneau Warranty and Maintenance

Knowing which part you need and the best boat parts to buy is essential to your success in marine repairs and maintenance, if you are intending to do this yourself, and to your continued boating enjoyment. Whether you need new outboard parts, watercraft parts, small engine parts, boat parts or accessories.

As we all know, when it comes to boats and engines something will eventually go wrong. Things break down, quit working, and stop doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Inevitable but nevertheless frustrating, and now it’s up to you to fix what has gone wrong. You may well be a dedicated boat lover but this doesn’t necessarily translate into you being a boat mechanic, and so you may not know exactly how to fix the problem.

Where do you start? As a proud boat owner you will probably be torn between finding the best deal whilst still ensuring that it is a quality part you are buying. To do this you could find yourself wasting a lot of time calling different shops, driving around, and wading through the huge amount of information available on the Internet.

Yes, you probably have an owner’s manual to refer to, which is not a bad idea, but this too requires time and effort. Why go to all this trouble when there is a far better and easier solution.

Buying Parts For My Boat: "Hi! My name is Ed, and I’m an expert!"

Here at Burton Waters we have our very own resident expert, Edward Bacon, who is passionate about and responsible for providing parts and technical advice for second hand boats, as well as warranties and aftercare for all our new stock; and Ed’s particular area of speciality is Jeanneau boats.

Having been a boating enthusiast his entire life, Ed offers you a challenge to ask him a question about buying parts for a boat that he cannot answer. Not to worry, if you do manage to trip him up he will hasten to find the right answer for you. And who knows, perhaps for winning the challenge you can talk Ed into taking you out for a flip in the brand new Jeanneau 420 Fly – now that would be a treat.

Speaking of Jeanneau boats, have a look at their 3, 5, and 7-year warranty promises at the bottom of this blog. And if that doesn’t impress you with their high-class standards there’s more: Jeanneau has been building boats for over 60 years and continue to go from strength to strength. Over a hundred specialised engineers and technicians work in the design offices at the heart of the technological centre. Jeanneau owns the largest production site for cruising boats in Europe stretching over 40 hectares, and they only select the best suppliers, those who share Jeanneau’s commitment to quality and rigorous standards.

Here at Burton Waters Ed and his team are aided by an innovative intranet program to facilitate the delivery of spare parts in the shortest time, which can be delivered directly to your door. This can be greatly facilitated by the amount of information that you can share with us: Any photos relating to the part, the model of the vessel and the HIN number of the boat all help make sure we find exactly what you are looking for. It doesn’t matter how obscure, just let us know and we will find out! There are a vast number of parts available from many models past and present, with many in stock and readily available.

Examples of typical parts we supply include: canopies & covers; exterior & interior cushions; Interior plumbing; woodwork; decals & exterior decoration; Gelcoat; electrical parts; electronic equipment, radars & plotters; heating; air conditioning; bow thrusters; and more...

Call Ed right away on 01522567404 or email

The New Jeanneau & Prestige Warranty Promise

“Our total quality control system tracks a product through the entire production process and beyond. From laboratory tests of each batch of resin to tank testing to customer satisfaction questionnaires and frequent supplier reviews, we continually seek ways to improve our boats.”

To back this up, and driven by our desire to give customers more peace of mind, the general warranty which up until now was for 2 years, has been extended. As of 1st September 2018 the new extended international warranties are as shown below, and are applicable to all Jeanneau boats that were handed over from that date wherever owners might be boating, they can now benefit from this worldwide coverage through our international dealer network. 


This exclusive manufacturer’s warranty covers parts, labour and the majority of components. Jeanneau dealer network is well trained to handle owners’ requests in the most efficient manner possible.


The use of a specific barrier coat resin minimizes hull blistering caused by hydrolysis. This know-how allows Jeanneau to offer a five-year warranty against this occurrence.


Due to their naval design expertise and unique industrial savoir-faire, Jeanneau is now able to warrant the structure of their new boats for seven years. The repair of manufacturing defects on the hull and deck, as recognized by technical services, are covered by this new warranty.*


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