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BoatLife: Introducing the New Burton Waters Blog

8 minutes read
28 Sep, 2020
By Adam Cox

What is this about?

Our team have been planning to launch an informative blog on the site for some time, which we are calling BoatLife. We made a start with this some time back and are now relaunching BoatLife as a source of really helpful information, key industry news, new product launches and industry events.

Who is BoatLife for?

This is the first of a series of blog posts in BoatLife that aims to provide a comprehensive guide to boat purchasing and ownership, for all types of customer that we work with. From a first time boat buyer, to a family returning to boating after many years, and also some more technical blogs for experienced boat owners and buyers.

The first time boat buyer has a problem – they don’t know what they don’t know. This means that they don’t know which questions they need to ask to cover every aspect of becoming a boat owner, sometimes even from the very beginning of which boat they want to buy. This will also apply to some degree to the returning boat enthusiast and those wishing to trade up, or down, in boat size.

  BoatLife: Introducing the New Burton Waters Blog    


Why are we doing this?

Our business sells, stores and services boats based on our love of boating as a pastime and the unique experiences it provides to owners. We deal everyday with providing advice and answering questions about a wide range of queries and concerns. These are all frequently seen by new owners as barriers to entry and to getting involved with boating.

The questions and worries that a first-time boat buyer has can be likened to them entering into a black hole of knowledge. This is completely normal and is where using an experienced yacht broker becomes invaluable. Our brokers take great care in helping the buyer navigate through the early stages of becoming a boat owner to ensure that they make the most informed decisions.”

Because of the sheer volume of possible questions that could be asked, the first part of this guide (this first blog in BoatLife) has been laid out as a high level check list. The boat owner can use this list to tick off and exclude all those items that either don’t apply or that are already known.

  BoatLife: Introducing the New Burton Waters Blog

What’s the next step?

From there the next step is to find out more detail about the items that do apply and that you have kept on your list. We will provide this information to you in the next few blogs, simply look for the blog headings mentioning these items.

Which of these items and queries would you like us to write about first? Let us know your thoughts and preferences in the comments section below the blog.

Or, if you require immediate assistance, please contact our Senior Yacht Broker, James Bright on Tel. 01522 567404 and email



1 My boating needs now (leisure, family needs, fishing, water sports, lifestyle, rivers & canals) Subscribe
2 Type of boat (brand, make and model) Subscribe
3 Size of boat (length relates closely with sleeping berths) Subscribe
4 How often will I use my boat Subscribe
5 Where will I operate my boat Subscribe
6 Do some research Subscribe
7 Engage a yacht broker Subscribe
8 Price & budget Subscribe
9 Go for a test sail Subscribe
10 New boat or used boat & age Subscribe
11 Legal documents and paperwork (boat title documentation) Subscribe
12 Boat survey Subscribe
13 Insurance Subscribe
14 Storage Subscribe
15 Launching & recovery of trailer boat Subscribe
16 Moorings & associated costs Subscribe
17 Preparing for winter Subscribe
18 Transportation Subscribe
19 Marine mortgages Subscribe
20 Part exchange (for existing boat owners) Subscribe
21 Licencing (closely related to length of boat) Subscribe
22 River or sea Subscribe
23 Maintenance & upkeep (self & professionals) Subscribe
24 Servicing (engines) & cleaning Subscribe
25 Warranties Subscribe
26 Technology choices (new boats) Subscribe
27 Replacing anodes Subscribe
28 Antifouling Subscribe
29 Boat Safety Certificate (valid for 4 years) Subscribe
30 Training (manoeuvring & navigation) Subscribe
31 Incidental & running costs (fuel, harbour dues) Subscribe
32 Buying a power boat – which hull do I want Subscribe
33 Builder’s certificate, safety scheme standards, sea trials (new boat) Subscribe
34 Registering your boat Subscribe
35 Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) compliance Subscribe

What qualifications do I need

37 Safety - RNLI Subscribe
38 Single or shared ownership Subscribe
39 Should I charter my boat Subscribe
40 What is the best way to sell a boat Subscribe
41 Why not to buy a boat privately / Why buy a boat from a specialist Subscribe
42 How to check if a boat is already financed Subscribe

When piloting your boat out to sea or along rivers it is always good practice to be in awe of the water and treat it with great respect, never taking any chances or taking it for granted.

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