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Boating News & Articles of Interest From Around the World

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10 Dec, 2020
By Adam Cox

Boating News and Interest

Below you will find a few interesting articles and bits of news from around the world. One each from the UK and America confirming the predictions reported in one of our previous blogs, namely that the boating industry is going through a resurgence. An environmental story from Slovenia about how jellyfish could save us. We know that it’s become rather boring by now but yes, there’s one on post-Brexit EU customs status. And lastly a competition offered by Jeanneau where you could win the latest technology underwater electric scooter.

Boating News: Free Boat Storage Scheme Aims to Kickstart UK Boat Sales Market

(From Nautic Expo - UK)

The easing of lockdown boating restrictions has seen green shoots emerge in the boat sales market, with many Brits hoping to enjoy some socially distanced fun on the water. To encourage this trend, Trafalgar Drystack has launched a new free boat storage offer that may persuade more people take the leap into boat ownership. Anyone buying a 6-9m boat anywhere in the UK before the end of June will be eligible for seven months’ free boat storage in Portsmouth worth more than £3,000.
  Boating News & Articles of Interest From Around the World: Free Boat Storage Scheme Aims to Kickstart UK Boat Sales Market Trafalgar Drystack, Trafalgar Wharf, Hamilton Rd, Cosham, Portsmouth PO6 4PX, UK
Explaining the offer, Trafalgar Group managing director Jonny Boys said: “There’s no doubt people want to get on the water, judging by the numbers of launches we are doing at the Drystack, where we hit 100 boat launch and retrievals on Spring Bank Holiday.”

Boat sales are starting, although understandably there’s some uncertainty. Yet, we know, people want to stay safe and are looking at staycations. Family boating is a great way to enjoy the summer, fuel costs are low too, so having a boat is a fantastic option.”

“We’re excited that this offer of free Drystack space to other boat sellers, which offers no-hassle storage for brand new boat owners, might just help tip the balance for new boat buyers and encourage more people out on the water. If it fills up the recently expanded Drystack, that’s £10m of boat sales for the UK marine sector too.


Customs Status of Boats: European Commisson Shares Post-Brexit Plans With Royal Yachting Association

(From RYA)

In response to calls for greater clarity, further information was received from the European Commission on 30 October in response to a letter sent to them in July which set out a number of scenarios being faced by boat owners. All of the latest information has now been analysed and detailed Brexit updates can be found on the RYA website.

Commenting on the recent response from the European Commission, RYA’s Director of External Affairs, Howard Pridding, said: “Sadly, the European Commission has confirmed our suspicions that documentation (such as a T2L, customs opinion letter or other supporting documentation) issued by the UK before the end of the transition period will not be valid in the EU as of the end of the transition period. However, we would recommend that boat owners keep hold of such documents, as they may provide useful evidence of the boat’s history and could be helpful when dealing with customs authorities in the EU27 in the future.”

“We now have greater clarity on how the EU legislation applies to people who are established outside the EU. We also have clearer guidance on how a boat which is lying in the UK at the end of the transition period will be treated if it goes to the EU27 in the future. The Commission is no longer saying that any boat lying in the UK at the end of the transition period will not be eligible for Returned Goods Relief (RGR) as the boat will not have been exported. Instead they have differentiated the advice based on where the boat is registered and where the owner is established.”

“The Commission’s interpretation of the law provides important guidance, but the final decision on what actually happens when a boat is imported rests with the authorities in the country in which that import is taking place. There will always be some regional variation on the experience boaters have when crossing international borders. Ultimately, boat owners may need to make their enquiries directly with national customs and tax authorities.”

Boating News: Could Jellyfish Be the Answer to Fighting Ocean Pollution?

(By Katja Klun, Slovenia)

You can find huge quantities of jellyfish in European seas, but in some areas the number of blooms is problematic. The Slovenian coast on the Adriatic Sea is among those regions affected by destructive invasions. Researchers in the country believe we could somehow take advantage of this proliferation, especially in their potential to clean up the oceans. Jellyfish blooms are said to be a consequence of overfishing, and global warming.

Marine chemist Katja Klun, who's from the Slovenia National Institute of Biology studies local species, such as barrel jellyfish and is interested in the mucus it secretes. "The release of mucus is, of course, an indication of the stress. They want to protect themselves," she says.
  Boating News & Articles of Interest From Around the World: Could Jellyfish Be the Answer to Fighting Ocean Pollution?
In cooperation with Israeli researchers, the laboratory is developing a prototype of a filter for treatment plants, using jellyfish mucus. Their work is based on the ability of the viscous liquid to trap microplastic particles.

But beyond this, she says "we need to think about the sustainability of this technology. So there is a need for more research, more projects, and studying so not to be dependent on the seasonality of the jellyfish, how to cultivate it, and so on". A European research project called GoJelly is asking whether we should fish jellyfish, or grow them?

Powerboat Retail Sales Rebound in September

(From NMMA, America)

New data from the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) show new powerboat retail sales picked up in September after slowing down in July and August following record growth in June. New boat sales were up 22% compared to August and up 9% year to date (YTD) compared to 2019 on a seasonally-adjusted basis. Furthermore, September 2020 ranks as the second highest single-month total of new powerboats sold in more than a decade.

“New powerboat retail sales are strong across the board, from the high-volume small fishing boat and pontoon segments that account for nearly half of all new boat sales, to the wake sport and offshore fishing segments,” said Vicky Yu, NMMA director of business intelligence. We expect to close out 2020 with more than 300,000 new boats sold – levels the industry hasn’t seen since before the Great Recession in 2008-2009.

Highlights from the September New Powerboat Registrations dashboard include:
  • 279,000 new boats have been sold YTD with sales May-September driving growth.
  • Accounting for 71% of new powerboats sold in September, sales of freshwater fishing boats, pontoons boats and saltwater fishing boats were up double digits YTD.
  • Boats 27’ and above lead sales growth by size category through September, up 16% YTD.

Boating News: Jeaneau Leader Powerboats 35th Anniversary Competition Prize Give Away

In partnership with SEABOB, Jeanneau has launched a Prize Contest for the 35th Anniversary of their LEADER line of powerboats. To celebrate this event, Jeanneau has partnered with SEABOB to give you the chance to win a “Jeanneau Edition” SEABOB F5S Cam, valued at 12,135 € (excluding taxes), or 14,256€ (including 20% TVA).
  Boating News & Articles of Interest From Around the World: Jeaneau Leader Powerboats 35th Anniversary Competition Prize Give Away
The SEABOB F5S Cam features a thoroughly sporty personality and exceptional momentum.

Right now, and through December 6th, you can participate in this Prize Contest by responding to a 3-question quiz about Jeanneau and their partner. This fabulous prize will be awarded in January of 2021.

The SEABOB F5S Cam is the ultimate high-performance underwater electric scooter. This brand is at the cutting edge of technology and provides you with the opportunity to experience the fascinating underwater world. This high-performance watercraft adapts to each driver.  You may choose to drive it at a relaxed pace under low power, or you can take it to the highest level for a thrilling, truly sensational experience.

With two integrated camera systems, you can film the underwater world at the push of a button, using:
  • A full-HD camera forward that records all your underwater discoveries; and
  • A second full-HD camera, located in the information display, to save everything recorded by the driver.


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